Tauranga Airsoft Club (TAC)

Tauranga Airsoft Club (TAC) are a bunch of friendly Airsoft enthusiasts who meet to engage in Military Simulated and Skirmish battles. Founded in late 2008, TAC has grown over the years into a keen promoter of the sport of Airsoft within the Bay of Plenty and beyond.

TAC has always maintained a lively and friendly membership base, making us a popular club to both play with and compete against. TAC plays at several BOP fields and frequently travels to nearby Events for inter-club challenges. We aim for at least one “away game” every two months so that our players can experience what other clubs are up to and also help build the relationships within the Airsoft community.

TAC members receive perks such as discounts on club field fees and BB’s plus they can earn TAC Points to redeem for extra discounts!

What’s on offer

12 Hectare Field

TACs pride and joy is their 12ha of battle ground situated at the TECT All Terrain Park.  The club is currently developing several areas so there is always something new to play around.  Come and check it out!

Hire Gear

TAC has Airsoft Taggers (guns) and face masks so non-Airsoft players and come out and have a go.

You can book hire gear when you RSVP for a TAC game via their website.


TAC members receive perks such as discounts on club field fees and BB’s.  TAC Membership is $60 per year.

Lock n' load!

That’s enough reading for now!  It’s time to get in the game!
Check out the upcoming TAC games on their website and RSVP to join in.