Armageddon Expo – Tauranga 2022

Expo Details – New dates confirmed!

“Tauranga Armageddon”, is one of the largest pop-culture expos in New Zealand. Bringing in thousands of pop-culture, movie and gaming fans from all over New Zealand this show offers an awesome opportunity to promote Airsoft to the wider kiwi public in the Bay of Plenty.

So we all know our Feb show got bumpbed, but now we have the Orange light, we are good to for our new dates.

2021 Bayofgeddon was the biggest show for us to date, and we know that the upcoming 2022 event is going to be even more awesome!  We will be hot off the Auckgeddon Winter event in June, and we are gonna have a busy couple of months.  Holy crap!

There will be more virtual guests, game events, cosplay and exhibitors.  We can’t wait!

As we have confirmed updates on regulations from the organisers, we will keep you updated.

While we are operating under the orange traffic light protocol, there is no capacity limit on events providing everyone attending is fully vaccinated.

Covid-19 Orange protocols:

  • Exhibitor Staff Registration will be required – full names and contact information for every attendee.
  • Every exhibitor is required to be fully vaccinated and have their vaccine pass on them at all times.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of masks between uses.
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Wash hands lots, cough into your elbow, don’t touch your face (the usual).


JULY 23 – 24th 2022

Baypark Arena
81 Truman Lane, Mt Maunganui

Baypark Arena



2.00 to 5.00pm – Pack-in and setup


8.00am – Display / Range set up
8.50am – Pre-event Briefing
9.00am – Event opens
5.00pm – Event closes
5.15pm – Overnight pack up


8.30am – Display / Range set up
8.50am – Pre-Event Briefing
9.00am – Event opens
5.00pm – Event closes
5.15pm – Full pack up

RSVP & Attendees List

Please complete this form to let the organisers know that you are available for the expo.  We will be passing your contact details onto the Armageddon organisers to comply with their Covid operating protocols to enable contact tracing.

Ensure any information you provide is clear and accurate to minimise admin time.


Apocalypse Airsoft Staff will be in contact with you if you have any questions. We will no longer require players gear or guns for the display table.

Do not wear any camo gear.  We recommend a tidy pair of black pants and either a club t-shirt or a tidy black t-shirt.

  • Your Details



  1. Spanky
  2. Mastercard
  3. Matrix
  4. Wesley
  5. Crusier
  6. The Colonel
  7. Snoopy
  8. Jackayl
  9. Keiley


  1. Spanky
  2. MasterCard
  3. Tinman
  4. Mrs Tinman
  5. Matrix
  6. Wesley
  7. Crusier
  8. The Colonel
  9. Snoopy
  10. Jackayl
  11. James C
  12. Keiley
  13. Gareth (Caroline)


  1. Spanky
  2. MasterCard
  3. Tinman
  4. Mrs Tinman
  5. Matrix
  6. Wesley
  7. Crusier
  8. The Colonel
  9. Snoopy
  10. Fraser
  11. Jackayl
  12. James C
  13. Keiley
  14. Gareth (Caroline)



  1. Matrix
  2. Crusier
  3. The Colonel
  4. Snoopy
  5. Jackayl
  6. Keiley
  7. Josh
  8. Andrew


  1. Matrix
  2. Crusier
  3. The Colonel
  4. Snoopy
  5. Jackayl
  6. James C
  7. Keiley
  8. Josh
  9. Andrew
  10. Caroline


  1. Tinman
  2. Mrs Tinman
  3. Wesley
  4. Fraser

Display Guns

Display Guns – for Display tables

  • Apocalypse Airsoft will supply all display material for the stand
  • We will no long require the loan of club members guns for the display stand

All Display Guns will be:

BB Free | Gas Free | Battery Free
Supplied by Apocalypse Airsoft


All Carry Guns are banned

  • No carry guns are allowed whatsoever


  • No carry guns allowed
  • When discussing the sport to the public, refer to the gear as Airsoft Taggers

Things to do

  • Focus on the positive aspects of Airsoft such as teamwork, leadership, physical activity, socialisation, sportsmanship and fun
  • Encourage the public to have a go in the Airsoft Range
  • Encourage the public to come out to a club game

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if there is another Covid lockdown?

There is always a risk of a covid resurgence and the country going into another lockdown.  The organisers have a plan of attack if this happens and will look at postponing the event if the worst happens.  We will keep you advised if there are any last minute changes to the event.

What clothing should I wear?

As we are presenting to the public it is important for our crew to be dressed appropriately. 

No camo or BDU’s of any kind is to be worn.

Tidy black pants and either a club t-shirt or tidy black t-shirt or shirt are preferred.

If you are feeling creative you can wear a post apocalyptic themed costume providing it is not of a military nature and does not incorporate camo patterns.

If you are unsure, please send us a photo of what your costume will look like for prior approval.

Can I carry my gun around?

No attendee is to bring or carry an Airsoft gun during these events.  All attendees are to remain around the Apocalypse Airsoft display while on duty.

Will display guns be stored at the expo overnight?

No. All display guns will be set up and removed daily. No Airsoft Firearms will be left on site.

We will no longer require the loan of additional Airsoft guns for display purposes.

Can I bring my own guns to use in the shooting ranges?

No. Only the checked and approved NZ Airsoft hire guns will be used in either range.

Absolutely NO personal Airsoft guns are to be brought to the event.

Do I have to pay for an entry ticket?
No you don’t. The Expo organisers do not always supply us with enough free passes but our staff have never had problems gaining Free entry. We may issue what passes we have during the day if you are coming and going frequently from the event.

We will supply all NZ Airsoft helpers with branded lanyards which will help at the gate.
If you have any issues being let in call Spanky on 021 065 1015.

I am travelling to help out. Is there somewhere to stay?

There will be space available at Spanky and Mastercard’s property.  Please let us know if you are planning on staying over for the weekend.  You will need to bring an airbed, sleeping bag, pillow and towel.

You can stay both Friday and Saturday night, or just Saturday, whichever suits you best.

Can I help for half a day?

Yes. All help is welcome.

Do I have to pay for parking?

No, there is plenty of free parking onsite.  Exhibitors can park at the front of the venue.  Public entry is around the back. 

What kind of food will be available?

AWI generously provide snacks and drinks for everyone helping out at these events.  There are also plenty of food vendors at the Armageddon events and our favourite… Dunkin Donuts!

Friday night dinner is casual as everyone arrives at different times.  Saturday dinner is usually a group effort and we generally plan this on Saturday depending on how many people will be joining us.

Have a Question?

If you have a question that is not answered here please get in touch using this FAQ form

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