Armageddon Expos

Held in Auckland since 1995, Wellington since 2001 and Christchurch/Melbourne since 2007, Armageddon has a long history of events.


TAURANGA – JULY 23rd – 24th 2022
AUCKLAND – OCTOBER 21st – 24th 2022

What’s on offer

Movie & TV Stars

Your favourite actors from fantasy, sci-fi and more!  Ask them questions at the panel talk or get up close and nab a signed autograph or even a photo!


Comic Artists

Leading international comic book and graphic novel artists and authors regularly attend.  This is you chance to meet your favorite artist and maybe walk away with an original piece of art!


See some of your favourite cosplay artists attending the expos. Create your own cosplay just for fun or enter the Armageddon Cosplay Contest for a chance to win $$$ and more prizes!!



Of course we are there!  Come and visit our display booth and have a blast in our shooting ranges.  You get to annihilate targets, test yourself against the timer or just have a good old fashioned shooting gallery pew-pew!


Watch these athletes pull crazy and gravity defying moves as they compete in competitions and showcase bouts throughout the weekend.  A genuinely enjoyable spectacle!

Card Tournaments

Reckon you have what it takes to win it all?  Pull on your tournament pants and bust out your trickiest moves in some of the best card comps throughout the weekend.


So much to buy!  Grab games and all the latest pop culture swag at the many retail booths.  Everything from figurines and collectibles to movie posters and clothing.  They have it all!


From video games, laser tag to fair entertainment, they have something to keep everyone in the family entertained.

Find out more

Visit the Armageddon website for more info about upcoming Expos, stars and other pulp culture attractions.
Buy tickets online too!