Airsoft Waikato Inc (AWI)

“Come as guests, stay as friends”

AWI are a friendly organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting the sport of Airsoft within the Waikato and beyond.

The AWI crew are always quick to lend a hand and go out of their way to entice new players to the sport.  They have been presenting at public shows for many years and always welcom first time players to their games, which are held every two weeks.

To find out about upcoming AWI games, visit their Facebook page below.

“I’ve played with AWI on several occasions and have found them to be one of the nicest groups I’ve ever encountered.  They are always friendly, welcoming and helpful to new players.”

Jase, Hamilton

What’s on offer

4 Unique Fields

AWI has fields located around the Waikato area, from Tahuna to Raglan.  The fields vary in size and style offering a great variety of different games.  Fields are rotated across Club games days.


Hire Gear

AWI has affordable Hire Gear available for anyone interested in giving Airsoft a go at one of our Club Events.

For upcoming events, check out our AWI Facebook page.


We are always looking for new players to join AWI.  Membership comes with a range of benefits.

AWI Membership cost $50 per year.

Get your game on!

Sounds good right?  Of course it does!  Now let’s get you on the field!
You can RSVP for upcoming AWI games below – don’t forget to tell your mates too!

Gift Vouchers

Brilliant for birthday parties, stag parties, leaving parties or any reason you have for running around blasting your friends and family.  Contact us about a personalised Gift Vouvher.

Club Membership

Think Airsoft is so awesome you want to do it all the time?  Of course you do!  Talk to one of our local clubs about their regular games.

Become a member to received discounts and other club perks.

Club membership is a great way to find out more about Airsoft gear and game ideas.


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