About Apocalypse Airsoft

The “Apocalypse Crew” originally formed in 2016 as a collective of Airsoft Club members and NZ Airsoft who worked together to promote Airsoft to the public at public events and expos.

Most of the Crew membership is made up of players from Tauranga Airsoft Club and Airsoft Wakato Inc.  They host club games around the Bay of Plenty-Waikato regions including the TECT All Terrain Park where they are currently developing 12 hectares of land for Airsoft game play.

The Crew promote Airsoft to the public at three major events each year: Tauranga Armageddon Expo, Auckland Armageddon Expo and the Armistice in Cambridge event.  These events are a fantastic way to promote Airsoft to the public.  They also invite other local clubs from around the Expo venues to take part so they can entice locals to their games and promote their clubs.

The crew have also run successful themed Airsoft events which have attracted hundreds of Airsoft and Public players over the years.


Our Partnerships


Our Goals


Bringing Airsoft to the public is one of our key goals as many people have heard of Paintball, which is quite similar to Airsoft, but few people have heard of Airsoft.

Presenting at professionally run public expos give us the chance to showcase the sport and the gear to large groups of people and have always been a great success.


Key to promoting the sport is also spreading information regarding the Firearms Law and Airsoft Safety to the public.  Many who may have heard of Airsoft are unaware of the “Firearms” status  Airsoft Guns have in New Zealand and often believe they are nothing but toys.

We also like to promote safety ideas within the Airsoft community.


Talking about Airsoft is great (and Airsofters do like to talk about Airsoft!), but what’s better is PLAYING AIRSOFT!

NZ Airsoft, TAC and AWI all offer the ability for the public to play the sport, either through regular club games or via group bookings.  Hire gear is available.  It’s great fun to share with your friends and family.

TECT Park Development

Stage 1: The Skid Pad CQB Assests – COMPLETED

The Skid Pad barricades allow for creative Close Quarters Battles and, with the inclusion of the Targets, offer a range of gaming options:

  • Warm-up/cool-down games for club days
  • Limited range/ammo games (pistol wars)
  • Room Clearing training and competitions
  • IPSC training and competitions
  • Base-building for larger field game objectives
  • A creative play-through area for larger field games
  • A mock settlement for large field games

Due to the non-permanent nature and speed with which they could be completed, the Skid Pad CQB upgrades were the first development undertaken. A total of 22 barricades have been constructed comprising of 2 full sets of the group shown to the right. The new assets have already proven popular with TAC members, visiting Airsoft players and public bookings.

Stage 2: The Urban Assault Course

This will be the first large-scale development undertaken on the TAC field. Its addition will offer the following benefits:

  • Urban-scale CQB games
  • Warm-up/cool-down games for club days
  • Competition and team trial games
  • A creative play-through area for larger field games
  • A mock settlement for large events (traders stations etc)


The course is a mirrored design incorporating roofless buildings of fixed walls built on a 4.8m grid to make working with standard sized building materials easy. The grid will also help players utilise their minimum engagement distances. The walls will be a combination of framed plywood and salvaged material all themed to give a post apocalyptic feel. The Dark Brown & Pink sections indicate pre-built walls which measure 2.1m high (excluding ground clearance). Remaining walls to be constructed at 1.8m with 1.2m sections to mimic windows and internal barriers.

Movable obstacles (similar to the Skid Pad barricades) as well as barrels may be incorporated to ensure the area can be altered for different games. Observation platforms are included on opposite sides of the field at the halfway point. These would be used by referees during competition games or as bases or sniper towers during regular gaming. (Size of Observation platforms to be decided. Design concept only).

Stage 3: Forest Frenzy

The area of small pines and semi-boggy land adjacent to the Skid pad will have a mixture of permanent and movable barricades erected to promote more game play in the area. Currently it offers little cover and can be improved with little effort and few materials.

Stage 4: Highway to Hell

The small connecting road (currently unused) which connects the Forest Frenzy area with the Urban Assault Course can be cleared and sculpted with staggered barricades to offer intensive uphill battle and hill defense game play. This is also a fairly easy upgrade.

Stage 5: Terraces of Terror

The scrubby hill between Forest Frenzy and the Urban Assault Course could be graded and developed into a series of Terraces and shallow trenches to offer trench warfare and King-of-the-Hill gaming. This would be a large undertaking requiring excavation and drainage material but will give the Club something to raise funds for while the easier projects are under construction.

…and MORE development to come!

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